CLIQ Is Growing!

After over five years of serving the training and development needs of clients around the country, CLIQ has officially added a new team member: Judith Barrett.

Judith started contracting for CLIQ over a year ago to help me meet the demands of multiple clients and projects. During that year, Judith did such excellent work and provided so much value to our clients, that I was able to bring her on full time at the start of 2016.
Judith brings a wonderful blend of an artist’s eye and a software developer’s mind to her eLearning projects. In our work together I have come to really value her insight into effective instructional design, and her facility with both Captivate and Storyline. When the opportunity arose to make her a full-time part of CLIQ, I could not pass it up.

If you get to work directly with Judith, you will surely enjoy her enthusiasm and humor as I have. Please join me in welcoming her to the team that makes, “training that CLIQs.”

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